Growing Potatoes in Straw

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Growing potatoes in straw is a perfect way to preserve moisture in the soil and deter weeds. In addition, it is so easy!

Growing Potatoes in Straw

One way to grow potatoes in straw is called the "no dig" method. There are several things we prefer with this method over other ways to grow potatoes:

  1. As you may guess, you don't have to dig up or till the ground deeply before you plant your "potato seeds."
  2. It is a great time saver - you save time when you plant your potatoes and you save even more time when you harvest your crop.
  3. It's just so much fun!

What is not so much fun is having to dig into the dirt to harvest your potato crop. This can be back-breaking! How much easier to just move the straw aside and gather your wonderful crop of potatoes.

How To Grow Potatoes: The Guide To Choosing, Planting and Growing in Containers Or the Ground

There are just a few simple steps to follow if you decide to try growing potatoes this way.

  • Choose an area in your garden that gets full sunlight. 
  • Loosen the soil in the area you want for your potato garden. 
  • Fertilize your soil. We always recommend organic fertilizer.
  • Mark out the rows for your potato crop in the same way you would do if you were planting them in the ground. (About 36" apart is a good guideline.)
  • Plant your "potato seeds" on the surface of your garden rows. They should be planted about 12" apart.
  •  Cover your seed potatoes with four to six inches of straw.
  • Water your potato garden by watering the straw that covers the seed potatoes.

Harvesting Your Potatoes

When the potato plants flower, it is an indication that there are small new potatoes growing beneath the straw. You can remove a few for a tasty meal of new potatoes. (Boil them until just tender and serve with butter.)

The rest of your potato crop will continue to grow if you do not uproot the plants.

An indication that your larger potatoes are ready for harvest is that the potato plants will begin to die off. 

Enjoy the result of your labors.

Growing Potatoes in Straw Advantages

  • Cultivation is minimal. If any weeds do appear they are easily pulled.
  • Your mature potatoes will be "clean." You can pick them off their rows without having to deal with mud clinging to them.

Growing potatoes in straw is not just for a small family garden. It can also be the best way to grow potatoes on a large vegetable farm.

The Organic Gardener's Handbook of Natural Pest and Disease Control: A Complete Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Garden and Yard the Earth-Friendly Way
Growing Potatoes in Straw

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