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Join the fun at a potato festival in your area! Potato festivals celebrate potato farmers and the place the potato has in our diet and economy. Taste new potato recipes at vendors booths, learn about growing potatoes, and join in some fun potato competitions. Find a potato festival or a sweet potato festival in our list or add yours.

Potato Festivals

Barnesville, Minnesota Potato Days Festival

As Minnesotans, the Barnesville, Minnesota Potato Days Festival in August is where we will be. We'll enjoy two days of potato activities and small town hospitality. Barnesville Potato Days has often been selected as one of the best summer festivals in the nation and every year about 14,000 potato lovers from across the country descend on this town of 2,200 to enjoy family fun. Some of the fun includes:

  • Miss Tator Tot Pageant
  • Events that include picking, peeling, carving, car races, cooking, sacking and sculpting
  • Potato Cook-Off
  • Sampling Norwegian potato lefse, potato pancakes, french fries, potato sausage, potato soup, German potato dumplings, rommegrot, and potato chip cookies.
  • Mashed potato wrestling

More about Barnesville Minnesota Potato Days Festival

Our website about our home state: Visit Minnesota

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Wayland New York Potato Festival 

North Carolina Potato Festival 

Spring Valley, Ohio Potato Festival 

Posen, Michigan Potato Festival 

Savannah PotatoFest 

Manhattan Montana Potato Festival

Sweet Potato Festivals

Celebrations of the tasty sweet potato are also popular reasons for local festivities. Here is a list of a few sweet potato festivals. If you know of others, feel free to add them below.

North Carolina Sweet Potato Festival 

Vardaman Sweet Potato Festival 

Midland Valley Sweet Potato Festival Langley S.C.

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