Organic Food Gifts: The Thoughtful Choice

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An Organic Food Basket is a Tasty Gift of Love!

Organic food gifts like an organic food basket are a thoughtful and responsible expression. Organic food gift baskets are becoming more readily available.

Organic Food Gifts

Giving an organic food gift basket says that you cared enough about the recipient’s health to spend more. Maybe you knew that the recipient preferred organics or you thought it would be a good way to introduce them to the benefits of the foods. Either way, you selected a thoughtful gift.

Organic food gifts baskets would be appreciated by almost anyone. Most people understand the benefits to their personal health of eating organically. The farmers help to protect the health of our environment, which benefits us all.

Organic and Natural Healthy Gift Basket - A Healthy Gift Basket

Foods cost more when they are grown organically for several reasons. Most of the USDA certified-organic farms are small. Large farms profit through volume. Small farms must make their profits on each individual purchase.

Because chemical pesticides are not used, organic farmers lose more produce to worms and bugs. The lost produce increases the farmer’s cost of doing business.

The farmers are allowed to use non-chemical natural pesticides. For example, hot pepper spray is effective for a number of different insects.

Natural pesticides typically cost more. Preparation and application takes longer. You cannot fill a crop duster with hot pepper spray. The natural solutions are less effective than the chemicals. So the farmers still lose more produce than their commercialized counterparts.

In case you have to explain the health benefits to the receiver, here are a few of them.

  • All pesticides are toxins
  • Some pesticides are known carcinogens
  • Small amounts of pesticides build up in the organs of our bodies, creating a burden on the liver and kidneys
  • The nutritional value of organically grown produce is higher

Organic food gift baskets may contain fruits, vegetables or other selections. Sauces, gourmet cheese, and other prepared foods are also available. Breads and baked goods can also be organic, if the wheat used to make them was grown without the use of hazardous chemicals.

Organically raised, free-range meats are less common, but the option is growing. You see more of them in grocery stores than you do online. But some farmers are joining the e-commerce movement. They are using the internet as a way to connect with more people.

You might also need to inform the receiver about the benefits to the environment. Chemical pesticides interfere with the natural food chain. Birds become poisoned as a result of eating poisoned worms or slugs.

The chemicals end up in the water supply where they damage that ecosystem. Fishes large and small end up dead around farms with a great deal of runoff. The pesticides also end up in the water that people drink, because the chemicals are too small to be removed by traditional drinking water treatment methods.

By supporting the farmers and buying organic food gifts, you are doing more than just giving a nice gift. You are helping to change the way that farms operate for the better.

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