Organic Food Advantages

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Buying Organic Food and Growing Organic Food is a Healthy Choice

The organic food advantages are numerous. The farming method is the traditional one, used for thousands of years. 

Organic Food Advantages

It was only after the turn of the 20th century that farmers began to use synthetic chemicals for fertilizing the crops and controlling pests. 

Around the same time that these synthetic chemicals were introduced into our foods, doctors began to see an increase in some rare diseases. Previously rare types of cancer became more common. Researchers often refer to these illnesses as modern diseases.

It has been difficult to establish a causal relationship between the diseases and the synthetic chemicals, but most researchers feel the connection has been firmly established. If nothing else, practitioners admit the chemicals are a possible cause of long-term illness and chronic diseases.

Many of the compounds act like the hormone estrogen when introduced into the human body. Synthetic estrogen is known to drive the growth of cancerous tumors in the breasts and reproductive organs.

While the traces of these compounds are very low in a single piece of produce, eating conventional foods on a daily basis means that you are getting multiple doses of estrogen-like substances. Doesn’t sound very tasty, does it?

So the organic food advantages may include a reduced risk of various types of cancer. For a pregnant woman, there may be a reduced risk of birth defects.

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Many pesticides are classified as teratogenic compounds; things known to cause birth defects in humans. The European Union has moved to ban many of these chemicals, along with others known to cause cellular mutations and reproductive difficulties. The US has yet to ban as many of the different toxic pesticides. This is one of the reasons interest in organically grown produce has surged in the US in recent years. The chemicals are known to bioaccumulate. They build up in the organs of a person or animal that consumes them. They also accumulate up the food chain. Here’s an explanation.

Corn grown on conventional farms may contain traces of many different pesticides. Much of the corn goes to conventional chicken farmers. Conventional chicken farmers feed primarily grain. The chickens are raised in small cramped cages and fed only what the farmer brings them.

The traces of pesticides in the chicken meat and organs are higher than what was present in the corn and grains. An even higher concentration would be found in the organs and tissues of animals higher up the food chain. Humans are at the top of the chain.

The liver and kidneys are primarily responsible for removing the toxins from our bloodstream. Thus the highest concentration of toxins is found in the liver and kidneys. So the organic food benefits would include a reduced risk of liver and kidney disease.

It takes years for the toxins to build up and cause health problems. In most cases, it is impossible to determine the presence of the toxins until the organ or tumors within the tissues are removed.

This fact makes it hard to prove the organic food advantages. Most researchers feel there is enough proof to recommend avoiding synthetic chemicals whenever possible. Here’s my recommendation. Eat organics to reduce your risk of life-threatening diseases and chronic health problems. 

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