Harvesting Potatoes

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Harvesting Potatoes

You can begin harvesting potatoes for your dinner table within about eight weeks from time of planting.

These early harvested potatoes will be small, tasty "new potatoes." They will appear shortly after your potato plants have bloomed and before the vines die.

When the potatoes are 1 to 2 inches in size, dig a few hills to use for soup or to cook with creamed peas or other dishes.

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Harvesting potatoes is a simple matter of digging them up. You will want to dig a little bit away from the base of the potato plant to avoid damaging your crop. If your potatoes are producing well, one potato plant or "hill" of potatoes should yield enough tasty tubers for a meal for a family of four or so.

After the foliage on the potato plants has begun to dry and die back, the entire crop can be dug. The best time for harvesting potatoes is after the vines have been dead for at least ten to fourteen days. This allows for proper thickening of the potato skins, which increases the length of time potatoes can be stored. 

Harvesting Potatoes

Harvesting Potatoes

Potatoes harvested too early will lose some 'skin' during the harvesting and handling period and will not store well.

When you have finished harvesting your potatoes, Spread them out in a dry spot out of direct sun, such as in a garage or a shed, for a day or two before putting them in storage. 

This will ensure that there is no surface moisture that will lead to rotting of your potato crop.

Harvesting Potatoes

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