Growing Potatoes in Containers

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Growing potatoes in containers is a wonderful space saver. Learn about growing potatoes in pots, growing potatoes in bags and in other small spaces.

Growing Potatoes in Containers

Gardening experts are finding that the best yield of potatoes comes if they are grown in containers. It is unusual to find that the easiest option is the best however that is true for growing potatoes.

Growing potatoes is one of the easiest...and most rewarding...types of vegetable gardening you can do. No matter where you live, one of these container gardening ideas will work for you.

Using the right types of containers is the secret to success. Plastic grow bags or fabric "potato pots" are among the best containers. They use a small amount of potting soil and reward you with a nice potato crop.

Potato bags are reusable so are a great investment. You can buy them at a local nursery or order them online.

Potato Growing Bags and Pots - Purchase Online

One of the most amazing examples of growing potatoes in containers....

Growing Potatoes in Containers

The most environmentally friendly potatoes are grown by this method and demonstrated by some gardeners in Japan. Make a potato growing pot by cutting out the sides of one pot and placing it inside another pot. Fill with potting soil and plant your seed potatoes. When the potatoes grow large enough to use, just lift the inside pot out to harvest a few new potatoes. Then lower the inside container back down to let the rest of the potatoes continue to grow!

Growing Potatoes in Pots

Growing Potatoes in Containers

Growing potatoes in pots is fun and decorative. You can grow potatoes in almost any kind of pot you have. If you prefer decorative pots for your deck or back yard that adds to the appeal. We love the lush green foliage of the potato plants and the flowers that bloom briefly. Again, this is a very simple process of filling the pots with soil, adding the seed potatoes, watering as needed and waiting for your crop.

Grow Potatoes in a Barrel - Click through to find tips on growing potato in barrels or similar containers.

Grow Potatoes in Old Tires - This may be one of the more unusual examples of growing potatoes in containers however you will likely be amazed at how easy and fun it is.

Growing Potatoes in Containers You Build

Growing Potatoes in Containers

This is called "raised bed gardening." You might consider this another way of growing potatoes in containers. There are many ways to make a garden bed of this type. Using rot-resistant wood is one option. You can also use bricks, cement blocks, or even piles of stones to create the planting areas.

The advantage to this type of garden is that you fill the "sections" with high quality soil and reap the rewards...and the vegetables...that grow abundantly in this environment.

Bags of potting soil are expensive but fine for your smaller containers. For a raised bed garden you will want to create your own soil mix with almost any combination of soil, compost, sand, peat and well aged manure.

Guide to Raised Bed Gardening

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