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Best Potato Recipes

Enjoy the best potato recipes from our family collection. Learn the best ways to cook potatoes from easy potato recipes to the best potato salad recipe ever. 

Potatoes are both nutritious and inexpensive. Potatoes, and potato recipes, are so versatile that you could fix them in a new and different way every day of the year.

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Potatoes are wonderful "comfort food." You may decide that the best potato recipe in this category is this hearty Shepherd Pie.

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Creative Potato Recipes

Potato Torte

If you are a creative cook, and I think you are since you are on the internet looking for new recipes, you will want to move beyond basic potato recipes to some really creative ways to cook potatoes.

These impressive Potato Torte Recipes will get rave reviews from family and guests alike.

You can experiment with one of several Potato Lasagna Recipes of them is made with sweet potatoes.

Get the kids to eat their veggies with a Potato Pizza.

In our home state of Minnesota one very popular way to use potatoes is in Potato Lefse.

Use up leftover mashed potatoes with these creative and tasty Potato Puffs Recipes.

From the number of hits on the page, we already know that many of you are looking for Cheesy Potato Recipes. We have cheesy potato casseroles, soups, twice baked and breakfast potatoes…to highlight just a few. Other cheesy potatoes include Scalloped Potato Recipes - > Best Scalloped Potatoes - > Best Ever Scalloped Potatoes.

Sweet Potato Recipes

Then there is the potato that is not really a potato at all…the sweet potato. As fast as we can we’re adding new Sweet Potato Recipes. 

Grow Potatoes - It's Easy!

Best Potato Recipes

If you think you might want to grow your own potatoes we can help with that as well.

Growing potatoes in containers has become very popular. We have long been advocates of growing organic food

Anyone can find a spot to raise a crop of potatoes: you can grow potatoes in a barrel, in pots, or even in old tires. 

You can easily grow your own sweet potatoes. 

You don't have to search dozens of potato cookbooks to find the easy potato recipes you's all here on our sitemap in one, easy to search, location. There are lots of places on the site where you can add your favorite potato recipes for others to enjoy as well.

Go deeper into the pages of the site to find recipes that will take you far beyond the basics and add some real treats to your table. We share all the basics about the many ways to cook potatoes.

You will also discover why you may want an electric potato peeler.

Potatoes Around the World

Best Potato Recipes

Potatoes are grown worldwide and there are wonderful ways to cook potatoes in almost every culture. We have begun to add potato recipes from many countries. Here are links to a few:

You can add your favorite best potato recipes for others to try. Go to the Share A Recipe pages, find a category, and type in your recipe. It's that easy!

Potato Fun

Potatoes can be fun! One of the world's most well-loved toys is Mr Potato Head!

The potato is celebrated worldwide with potato festivals and celebrations.We have started a page to help promote these celebrations. You can add your local potato festival to the list as well

Potato Fun Facts: A new study says it’s hard to eat healthy on a budget. Not true when it comes to potatoes! At 25 cents on average per serving, potatoes are easy on the waistline and the wallet. And, contrary to what many people believe, potatoes are high in nutrients and low in calories. It’s what you add to your potatoes that increases that count.

Everyone likes potatoes. We know this is true because each person in the U.S. eats an average of one potato per day or 135 pounds of potatoes a year! The potato is the second most consumed food in the United States. Milk is the first. In many other countries potato consumption is even higher.

What are Your Favorite
Potato Recipes?

We know that everyone has a favorite potato recipe because, in most families, potatoes are served several times each week. What are your favorite potato recipes? Share them!

Read a bit about me and why I created the Best Potato Recipes website.

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Best Potato Recipes

Some Recipes and Photos Courtesy of the Idaho Potato Commission

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Electric Potato Peeler

300 Best Potato Recipes: A Complete Cook's Guide: Potatoes are just about everyone’s favorite side dish. This book includes dozens of recipes, and ways to cook potatoes, for every part of a meal from breakfast through appetizer, main course, and even dessert.


Fun With Potatoes - Mr. Potato Head

What are Your Favorite
Potato Recipes?

We know that everyone has a favorite potato recipe because, in most families, potatoes are served several times each week. What are your favorite potato recipes? Share them!

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